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Video Marketing is a springboard for connecting with people and getting your story out to a larger audience.
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Video Marketing ⋯

We create animations and videos that encapsulate your brand. These can also be used online, in email or on TV. Videos can be a very powerful tool to help you connect with your customers and audience on an emotional level. Without videos you may fail to connect with a large portion of your audience because they are not taking the time to read text. Our Team uses a proven approach for creating all of our animations and videos that align with your brand. Jenesis believes that video is the future of content marketing and brings so much value to your brand and business.

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our process ⋯

Create Concepts

We do a deep dive into creativity by brainstorming a few ideas with you on the best approach we can take for your video or animations.

Building Phase

After choosing the best concept, we work on building out the video or animation with exceptional care.

Review, Revise, & Launch

Once the building phase is complete, we work with you to review the video or animation, make final changes, and then launch the video into your custom marketing strategy.

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A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

You’ve probably heard that statement before. We sure have! If that’s the value of a picture, then videos are worth 10,000 words! Videos and animations allow you to grab attention, connect, and share your value proposition far more effectively than text.

Videos and Animations Are Easily Shared

How many times has one of your friends shared a video with you? How many times has one of your friends shared a book with you? I would imagine you’ve shared or received more videos than books. That’s because videos can be easily shared and immediately get people’s attention.

Your Customers Love Videos

According to Animoto, one of the best video creation services out there, four out of five consumers say that video content is more helpful than text, and that 56% of consumers believe that a website should definitely have video content. You don’t need to know how to do it. We’ve got the team of experts ready to create your next great video or animation.

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