Pay-Per-Click Advertising
Is The Nitrous Oxide Boost To Your Marketing

PPC done poorly will blow through budgets with no results.
Ppc done well will fuel growth for your company.

Pay-Per-Click Management ⋯

Are you ready for accelerated growth? Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising provides an increase in exposure to your target audience, thus increasing your opportunities. Grow your business on Google and other platforms to drive more sales with the power of Jenesis Marketing Group. Our advertising experts will create a custom marketing plan with top keywords, relevant targeting, and smart budget allocation that will put you above your competition. Successful PPC marketing requires constant up-to-date trend following and strategic campaign execution in order to be successful. Let our team help you leverage digital advertising platforms to drive sales growth while keeping conversion costs down.

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PPC should be focused on profitable growth

We believe that marketing agencies should be held accountable to all metrics indicating profit and growth of your business. Whether you’re an ecommerce company or service-based business we believe complete transparency is key.

Success is in the numbers

When it comes to paid advertising services, your business objective is our business objective: when you grow, we grow. Our number one objective with paid advertising is to provide an outlet to increase sales and leads via responsible use of marketing dollars.

Launch, Manage, & Grow

After discussing and reviewing your brand’s goals, we will build customized campaigns designed cater to those goals. These may focus on meeting a consumer’s demand for a product or service, keeping your brand front of mind during the purchase process, or a combination of both. Once launched, the process of constantly optimizing those campaigns for success begins. From the beginning, our objective is to achieve more efficient campaigns over time, and you will be able to stay up-to-date on the success by receiving monthly reports on the results of your online advertising.

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Ecommerce Clients: Sales, Sales, Sales

We’ll analyze your business and draft a comprehensive account review with a custom business plan before we schedule your 1-hour account and plan review with our PPC expert.


We’ll analyze your competitors and match you with the top keywords catered to your location, industry, and clientele to gain the most bang-for-your-buck and maximize conversions.


PPC advertising can be tracked and measured constantly. Properly managed, this provides the opportunity to react to what’s working and what’s not, thus maximizing your return on investment.

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