More important than what
we do is why we do it.

In fact, our desire to see our clients achieve their goals drives us to constantly create, innovate and implement new marketing strategies for their success.

Our Background ⋯

Founded in 2017 in Columbus, Ohio, Jenesis Marketing Group was formed to provide professional marketing services to businesses and not-for-profit organizations. As a result of his aptitude for marketing, the vision for Jenesis came from serial entrepreneur Ron Greenbaum and his passion for helping businesses grow. Ron has a history of building trusted brands within niche industries such as The Basement Doctor in B2C home improvement services, Nash Distribution in B2B home improvement product manufacturing and distributing as well as DIY e-commerce businesses. As a result these successful businesses led to marketing requests from clients as well as additional demand from the internal growing businesses under Ron’s umbrella.

Jenesis Is Born 

Inspired by a trip to the Galapagos islands in 2017, Ron decided it was time for this marketing arm to evolve and flourish on its own. With this in mind he partnered with Mike Stiers, the previous Marketing Director for The Basement Doctor, and began to construct what is known as Jenesis today. As President, Mike’s prior experience, innovative ideas and leadership provide excellent guidance for the Jenesis Team and clients alike.


establishing trust is always our goal when working with our clients.


honesty and moral values are the core of our behavior and actions.


our team intentionally forms win-win partnerships with great businesses.


love what we do and take pride in helping our customers to success.


give our best efforts in delivering marketing solutions to our partners.


always evaluating ideas, trends, and tools that can help those we serve.

The Team Grows 

Through strategic talent acquisitions of experts in their fields, combined with the already proven marketing Team, Jenesis is able to deliver superior marketing services to their clients. Especially in the areas of consulting, branding, video marketing, social media, website development, promotional swag, digital advertising, reputation management, email marketing and graphic design. Connect with us today and breathe new life into your brand.

Mike Stiers | Jenesis Marketing Group | President

Mike Stiers


Anthony Brown | Jenesis Marketing Group

Anthony Brown

Business Growth Strategist

Monique Meyer | Jenesis Marketing Group | Reputation & Social Media Manager

Monique Meyer

Director of Digital Branding

Megan Posey | Jenesis Marketing Group | Marketing Assistant

Megan Posey

Digital Branding Specialist

Sarah Shepler | Jenesis Marketing Group | Graphic Design Manager

Sarah Shepler

Graphic Design Manager

Shane Arnett | Jenesis Marketing Group | Pay-Per-Click Manager

Shane Arnett

Pay-Per-Click Manager

Jamie Boeshart | Jenesis Marketing Group | Web & Digital Manager

Jamie Boeshart

Web & Digital Manager

Cody Woods | Jenesis Marketing Group | Web Developer

Cody Woods

Web Developer

Jordan Lymon | Web Designer and Developer | Jenesis Marketing Group

Jordan Lymon

Web/Graphic Designer & Developer

Miles Franklin | Jenesis Marketing Group

Miles Franklin

Senior Web Developer & Content Strategist

Cherrelle Currie | Jenesis Marketing Group | Junior Graphic Designer

Cherrelle Currie

Senior Graphic Designer

Anthony Weir | Jenesis Marketing Group | Multimedia Specialist

Anthony Weir

Junior 3D Animator & Motion Designer

Kim Howard | Jenesis Marketing Group | Graphic Designer

Kim Howard

Graphic Designer

Kevin Bell | Jenesis Marketing Group | Jr. Web Developer

Kevin Bell

Junior Web Developer

Isaac Helterbridle | Jenesis Marketing Group

Isaac Helterbridle


Anna Wallace | Jenesis Marketing Group

Anna Wallace

Junior Graphic Designer

Angie Deweese | Jenesis Marketing Group

Angie Deweese

Marketing Assistant

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What they Say ⋯

I am no marketing expert, but marketing is the life blood of a successful business. So I need trustworthy experts in my corner. Jenesis is just that, a team of trustworthy experts. I have complete faith that everyone at Jenesis has my company's best interest in mind. We are not just a client. I had some good and terrible experiences with other marketing firms. I think the best description of why I am with Jenesis, is I feel at home. When you hire some one to be at the helm of your business marketing, you must have complete confidence. I do!- John K
Mike and his team are responsive, creative, and adaptive to their clients needs. Highly recommend!- Justin Blaska