Jason Fleagle

Jason Fleagle is a catalytic consultant, digital marketer, web developer, speaker, and creative writer. Jason loves coming alongside individuals and organizations and empowering them for growth and success. Jason is the Business Growth Strategist with Jenesis Marketing Group. Jason is also the Founder and Executive Editor of ConvergeBlog.com, Founder of Catalyst Growth Group, and Co-Founder of the Life-Breakthrough Community with professional athlete Josh Fleagle.

Jason has a background in scientific research, business consulting, political consulting, web development, and digital marketing. Jason has worked with individuals and organizations like America Conservancy, American Association of Evangelicals, Ryan Levesque from the Ask Method, Christians for a Sustainable Economy, The Congressional Prayer Caucus, Finding God In, The John Maxwell Company, Ziglar Family, Ziglar Inc., Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank, and many others.

In Jason’s personal life, he is the husband to Katie, and father of Alexandra. Fun fact: Jason was a nationally ranked swimmer in his high school years swimming with athletes like Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte, and Nathan Adrian. He enjoys spending time with family, helping startups, reading, writing, exercising, teaching, speaking, hiking, climbing, swimming, playing the guitar and piano, and solving Rubik’s cubes. Jason and his family reside in Columbus, Ohio.

❝ Jason is one of a kind. He loves to talk and always looking for the next opportunity of using a pun. ❞ -Cody

❝ Jason’s passion and energy are only matched by his love and drive to help others. He is a true asset to the team. ❞ -Adam