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our niche is we understand how the consumers think, what they desire, and how to educate them so that it marries with your brand and services, thus creating quality leads for your company
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Thank you for your interest in Jenesis Marketing Group and the services that we offer. Supporting Home Service providers is our niche is we understand how the consumers think, what they desire, and how to educate them so that it marries with your brand and services, thus creating quality leads for your company. Upfront, you should know that because our website and paid advertising strategies utilize our proprietary methods, we will not accept multiple companies with core services in the same service area (we do our best to protect a 60 mile radius around the home office of each client when possible). We know that there are times when there’s some overlap in services or service area, but avoiding this as much as possible strengthens our relationship with our clients and avoids conflict of interest.

Our Home Service Marketing Packages are ideal for:

  • Basement Waterproofing Companies
  • Crawl Space Repair Companies
  • Foundation Repair Companies
  • Roofers
  • Carpet Cleaning Companies
  • Flooring Installers
  • Indoor Air Quality Specialists
  • Home Inspectors
  • Window and Siding Companies
  • Landscaping Companies
  • Mold Remediation and Restoration Specialists
  • And many more

We start our process with a brand audit to determine if your company is highlighting your core values, the benefits to doing business with you, and the services you provide.

Once your brand story is dialed in, we focus on the website design and development. The goal is to make your brand story clear, have a website that is mobile first, responsive, fast and easy to navigate so that your ideal client finds the answers they are looking for and requests for you to come to their home or business. Our Team uses our unique funnel system to take your potential client through a process of identification, education and clear call to action through form fills and calls to your business. This magic happens through the design and development process with our Web Team. After the structure of the site is laid out, our Content Team jumps into action and crafts the emotional connection, education piece and puts the sizzle on the site with search engine optimization (SEO) through keywords, titles, meta descriptions, snippets, image tags and more.

After the website is complete, it’s time to turn the lights on and let the world know you exist. This happens by way of strategic paid advertising. We like to start with the most effective means of generating leads in your area with quality traffic through search engine marketing (SEM). Our Paid Advertising Team performs a competitive analysis of your services within your service area to determine competitors, ad types and keywords. This data is then married into our formula for Google Ads and your campaigns are created to begin driving traffic.

We haven’t forgotten about the importance of carrying your brand to your audience outside of the internet. Jenesis can design and produce vehicle decals and wraps, promotional swag, trade show displays, billboard art, literature and print ads.

Below is a breakdown of our Marketing Packages designed specifically for Home Service companies. These prices are always subject to change and quotes are only good for 30 days from the date you receive your detailed quote from a Jenesis Marketing Group representative.

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Our Process

  1. Brand Audit – Is your company highlighting your core values, the benefits to doing business with you, and the
    services you provide?
  2. ESTABLISH GOALS –What is your year end sales goal? From here we can determine a marketing budget to hit that goal
  3. IDENTIFY CHALLENGES – What challenges do you face? ie: Weather, Seasons, Competitors etc
  4. STRATEGIC PLANNING – Craft an inclusive plan for the website, content, funnels, advertising, social media and
    company reputation
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Of course, you may already have some of the services in our marketing packages and may choose to go a la carte.

  • Website Design, Development & Maintenance – Custom for each client and $450 per month for maintenance
  • Google/Bing & Social Paid Advertising – $400 setup and 20%-25% management fee based on your monthly total spend
  • Reputation Management – $500 setup and $400 per month
  • Social Media Management – $400 setup and $400 per month

Our Website Design, Development and Maintenance pricing process is customized for each company and based on many variables that are outlined in a transparent document that is assembled with your representative. The payment process for the website has two simple options.

  1. Pay 50% up front and the remaining balance upon approved launch. Maintenance is monthly and paid according to your package.
  2. Pay a negotiated percentage up front, enter a multi-year contract with Jenesis for monthly payments on the remainder with a 5% fee on that balance and your monthly maintenance costs are added to that total.
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our Monthly PPC Budget & Management Fees ⋯

$1,000-$1,500 budget …………….. 25% fee

$1,501-$2,000 budget …………….. 24% fee

$2,001-$2,500 budget …………….. 23% fee

$2,501-$3,000 budget …………….. 22% fee

$3,001-$3,500 budget …………….. 21% fee

$3,501+ budget ……………………….. 20% fee

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